Slovenian smart grid event


In order to eludicate its significance and its responsibility for the smart development of the energy sector in view of Slovenia’s Energy Concept (SEC), TSC member ELES, the Slovenian transmission system operator (TSO), hosted a stakeholder event on smart grid concepts and their importance for the future power transmission system. The event was attended by high-profile representatives from energy related industries, associations, and institutions.

The renowned Croatian-Slovenian smart grid project SINCRO.GRID, a European Project of Common Interest (PCI), naturally played an important part in the course of the event. But ELES is also involved in further smart grid activities, such as the central-south European FutureFlow project on cross-border balancing and redispatching. The CEO of ELES, mag. Aleksander Mervar, emphasised in a round table discussion the challenges, but also the risks of smart grid concepts – since the technological developement ist still in progress and intense. Mr Mervar sees ELES at a technological breaking point and expects the necessary smart solutions to be functionable round 2030.

> See ELES press release (html)

Picture: ELES


Slovenian smart grid event