Danish security of supply among the best


An availability rate of electricity of 99.995% of the time in 2017 is quite impressive, and the Danish TSCNET shareholder Energinet is the transmission system operator (TSO) presenting this outstanding value in its “Security of electricity supply report 2018”. With this remarkable confirmation of last year’s result (99.996%), Denmark is again among the leading European countries. According to Energinet, the excellent security value is partly due to the high level of underground cabling in Denmark.

The key features of today’s energy landscape ‒ such as the integration of extensive and increasing wind and solar power capacities, more electricity interconnectors between different countries, or the harmonisation of markets and grid operation via EC regulations ‒ all affect the Danish supply security, which is no longer a national, but a regional issue. Energinet is aware of the new challenges and will adress these with operational and infrastructural measures, but also with the introduction of market reforms to increase the flexibility of both, generation and consumption.

TSCNET shareholder Energinet, the Danish TSO, presents impressive figures in its Security of electricity supply report 2018.

> See Energinet press release, with access to report (html)