Danes heading towards a sustainable future


Innovation and cooperation are the keywords in the Annual Report 2016 of TSC member Energinet.dk. The national Danish electricity and gas transmission system operator (TSO) is keeping up its proactive efforts to further increase the share of renewable energy within its own control area – while maintaining the high level of security supply – and to promote the energy integration on a European level by means of cross-border collaborations.

An example for the latter is the establishment of Nordic Regional Security Coordinator (RSC), a cooperation of the Nordic TSOs similar to TSCNET Services. The RSC is located in Copenhagen and managed by Energinet.dk. To foster transnational electricity trading, interconnections to Germany, the Netherlands or the UK have been built, promoted, or investigated. These endeavours have been augmented by the implementation of an upgraded DataHub and procedures for a newly conceived wholesale electricity market model involving 130 market players.

Also in financial terms, 2016 has been satisfactory for Energinet.dk. The revenue of DKK13bn (about €1.75bn) is in line with the expectations. On this solid foundation, Energinet.dk will continue working on the framework for a sustainable energy future.

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Danes heading towards a sustainable future