Our clients – working closely with high performing transmission system operators to make them even more efficient and successful.

“The cooperation between customer and service provider is always particularly successful when you play in the same team. We want to give exactly what our customers need – that’s why we invite them to be part of the solution.”

Mario Princip, Head of Service Development

We are passionate about offering great services. We want to make our customers completely satisfied with excellent performance and put their needs first to bring to them the creative answers they require. We work closely with our customers to support them in all matters of grid stability in the world’s largest interconnected grid, where each TSO is part of a larger whole.

We have a strong commitment to listen to our customers, which enables us to anticipate what they need. To cultivate this close relationship, we focus on innovation and high-quality products and services.

As our business is mainly based on relationships, we strive for close and trustful contact with our customers. We are proud to be working for the following TSOs:

Customers and shareholders

  • 50Hertz (Germany)
  • Amprion (Germany)
  • APG (Austria)
  • ČEPS (Czechia)
  • ELES (Slovenia)
  • HOPS (Croatia)
  • MAVIR (Hungary)
  • PSE (Poland)
  • SEPS (Slovakia)
  • Swissgrid (Switzerland)
  • TenneT (Germany)
  • TenneT (The Netherlands)
  • Transelectrica (Romania)
  • TransnetBW (Germany).

Additional customers

  • Creos (Luxembourg)
  • Elia (Belgium)
  • Energinet (Denmark)
  • RTE (France).

If there are any questions, do not hesitate to get in contact with us!