Core CCR expedites market integration


A total of sixteen central European transmission system operators (TSOs) cooperates in creating a European core capacity calculation region (CCR). This considerable high number of participants results in a Core CCR covering the largest part of central continental Europe. Among the associated TSOs are ten TSC members: APG (Austria), ČEPS (Czechia), ELES (Slovenia), HOPS (Croatia), MAVIR (Hungary), PSE (Poland), the Dutch-German TSO TenneT, and the three further TSOs from Germany, 50Hertz, Amprion, and TransnetBW.

CCRs are conceived as geographical areas in which coordinate cross-border capacity calculation, capacity allocation and congestion management is applied. With their CCR cooperation, the TSOs follow a decision by the European Agency for Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) from November 2016 on merging regional coordinations to an enlarged European core region in order to promote the integration of Europe’s energy markets.

The fulfillment of CCR-related obligations in accordance to the respective European Commission Network Codes implies that the TSOs are committed to the developement of common methodologies for three principal tasks: day-ahead flow-based capacity calculation of cross-border transmission, capacity calculation for intraday and long-term time-frames, and the coordination of redispatching and countertrading to minimise congestions. Common methodologies in these fields will ease cross-border trade and optimise transmission capacities without endangering the security of supply.

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Core CCR expedites market integration