CGM methodology framework concluded


Good news comes from the methodologies drafting team of the Common Grid Model (CGM) Programme under the supervision of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E): Two additional methodologies have been approved by all the relevant national regulatory authorities. This means that the methodological framework for the CGM process has been completed.

In order to create an integrated European energy market, the European Commission has established guidelines on electricity transmission system operation in various Commission Regulations. All European transmission system operators (TSOs) are obliged to prepare and implement a CGM methodology. The joint TSO proposal on the last two CGM methodologies has been openly consulted in late 2017 and then been submitted to the authorities. Formal approvals at the respective national levels are still pending and are expected in September 2018.

The framework now consists of five methodologies (CGMM-v1-plus, CGMM-v2-plus, CGMM-v3, GLDPM-v1, and GLDPM-v2) covering technologically significant aspects such as capacity allocation, congestion management and forward capacity allocation. The GGM methodologies in their entirety ensure that each TSO involved has access to all the necessary data to build its individual grid model.

The framework for the Common Grid Model Methodology with five methodologies is completed.

> See ENTSO-E press release (html, with access to relevant documents)