ČEPS reports on first quarter


Good news from TSC member ČEPS – the Czech transmission system operator (TSO) announced that businesses went well in the first quarter of 2016: In comparison to last year’s corresponding period, the company’s profit increased by 3.9 million Czech korunas leading to a total profit of 713 million Czech korunas before taxes. Besides that, ČEPS reports a decrease of revenues from system services of about 157 million Czech korunas. According to Jan Kalina, Chairman of the Board of ČEPS, this is “caused by a change of reporting in the system” with regard to methods of accounting adjustment of distribution companies. Kalina expects a value leveling of accounting adjustment “during and especially at the end of the year”.

ČEPS transferred a total of 16,289GWh of electric energy in 2016’s first three months. Miroslav Vrba, Vice-Chairman of the Board of ČEPS and responsible for dispatching control, reports that there were no major incidents concerning the transmission sytem operation. Only in seven days of the first quarter of 2016 cross-border redispatching was necessary. Redispatching comes to use as last means to ensure grid stability.

Being aware of the risks of cyber threats, ČEPS participated in “Cyber Czech”, a two-day national cybersecurity training program. Preparations against cyber attacks are indispensable and Jan Kalina clearly points out that a malfunction of a TSO “would have a serious impact not only on safety, but also on the economy, public administration and securing basic necessities of life.”

Moreover, ČEPS applied succesfully for a grant from the European Commission program “Connecting Europe Facility”. The granted €1m will be used to prepare and document the construction of new power line projects in Western Bohemia.

Among ČEPS’ current construction projects two are of prime interest: The new power line V458 from Horní Životice to Krasíkov (scheduled for operation this autumn) and the assembly of four phase-shifting transformers for the electrical substation Hradec u Kadaně in northern Bohemia.

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ČEPS reports on first quarter