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Meet Ivana

Interview with Ivana Duraković, Head of Service Operations

What is your background?

I studied power engineering in Croatia – there were 4 girls and 300 boys in my year back then! Actually, that is changing significantly now, and I’m getting the impression, that girls are getting more interested in this field. After graduation, many years ago, I started my career in TSO world, in Croatian Transmission System Operator (HOPS). Firstly working in secondary systems, connecting the cables in substations in a work uniform, that was quite interesting experience… After few years I changed a path and started to work as Power System Dispatcher and before joining TSCNET I was leading Regional Dispatch Center in HOPS.

What do you do at TSCNET?

Well, I’m leading a Business Unit that helps to provide our services and make sure they are running 24/7 from an operations perspective. We work and monitor around the clock to essentially make sure that all necessary support is provided for Transmission System Operators to maintain operational security of electricity system.

As most of managerial positions, I naturally have a lot of coordination and interaction, internally, with our customers and other RCCs, we cooperate with. So, I do spend quite a bit of time in meetings and try to make very sure, that everything we talk about is also acted upon and executed. I still, after many years working in the TSO world, can find new challenges and consider what we do so incredibly interesting.

What actually happens in the Operations room in the office?

What is really cool there, is as we act like a central place from where our Services are operated. We have access to a lot of information and this is where you get the good and complete view of the mutual connection and interaction between the Services. We are covering quite a broad pallet of technical knowledge and details of processes. TSCNET Operations is definitely one of the places with a great potential to develop technical skills.

There is always someone available to cover our 24/7 obligations and support our customers in case of need.

So, what advice would you give to someone who is considering a career with TSCNET ?

Be open-minded, that is the key thing. This business is so diverse, both in terms of people and the tasks we do. There is so much to learn here, but it takes some time to create the broader overview and dive deeper into the transmission systems world. There is so much knowledge in this house and you really need to embrace it and learn from everyone!

What is so special about TSCNET?

Obviously the unique diversity. Most of us work in another language than our mother tongue. We have 37 different nationalities and many more personalities. Ergo, communication is an incredibly big challenge on a daily basis. No day is the same here, so you need to be very flexible and ready to learn and adapt – we get a lot of short-notice work thrown at us. But I love it!

What do you do when you don’t work?

Already back home in Croatia, I started dancing Swing dance and I’ve continued it here in Munich where I can go to events and clubs and dance as much as I can.

Be open-minded, that is the key thing. This business is so diverse, both in terms of people and the tasks we do.

Ivana Duraković

Head of Service Operations

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