Season’s Greetings!


Just a quick message to wish a very Happy Holiday season and a happy and peaceful new year to all our clients, partners and friends and their families. During these days, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our success possible – thank you! Special thanks to those who work over the holidays in the emergency services, hospitals, power stations and other essential services as in the TSOs’ control centres and the TSC TSOs – Joint Office.

We’ve had a great year and we are excited about the possibilities the new year offers TSC, TSCNET Services and all the people working for the European power industry and the grid!

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Agreement on plant compensation


TransnetBW, one of the four German electricity transmission system operators (TSO), today announced network reserve capacity agreements with EnBW, one of the German utilities, and regulator Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA). The agreements comprise four power generating units in Marbach and Walheim (see picture above), with a capacity of 668 megawatts.

> See TransnetBW press release (html, German)

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Energy Community in Vienna


Today the 1st meeting of the Electricity Sub Group of the Security of Supply Coordination Group starts in Vienna, Austria, chaired by the European Commission. One of the speakers is Rudolf Baumann, the former Chairman of the TSC Steering Committee coming from Swissgrid. His presentation will cover TSCNET Services and discuss TSC as a Regional Security Coordination Initiative (RSCI).

> Open meeting agenda (pdf)

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Application for “SuedLink” in Germany


German regulator, Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA), today promulgated the application for “SuedLink”, one of the German “key pillars for the urgently needed expansion of the electricity grid” by TenneT and TransnetBW, two of the four German transmission system operators (TSOs). The application stands for the beginning of the federal sectoral planning phase for a 650 km DC power line from Wilster, close to Hamburg, to Grafenrheinfeld in Bavaria.

> See BNetzA press release (html)

> See TransnetBW Network Development Plan (html)

> See TenneT Germany Suedlink webpage (html, in German)

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Welcome, Antonin


Our team at the TSC TSOs – Joint Office delivers more services than ever – good to know, that there is an addition to our staff: Antonin Manura, coming from CEPS, the Czech TSO where he worked as a Grid Operator. Starting from today, Antonin, called Tonda will work as one of our TSC Agents.

He was born in Jesenik in Moravia, a beautiful and historical region in the east of the Czech Republic. “I always wanted to work abroad and TSC is a great opportunity to do so,” says Antonin. Munich offers him another opportunity that one would probably not expect: to improve his surfing skills after work. “It is very hard to learn surfing, as it requires strength, good balance, and a feeling for the ocean,” Antonin tells about his new hobby. Well, Munich couldn’t be further from the ocean, but it has the world’s largest urban surfing spot. On the other hand, strength and a sense of balance may also help getting off to a good start at our team.

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NRA Workshop in Munich


Today the common workshop among European Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) took place in Munich, Germany. The main topics were Multilateral Remedial Actions (MRAs) and its cost sharing, exchanging information on critical grid situations and potential countermeasures to ensure system security.

In the course of the workshop, TSC TSOs presented a proposal for a new cost-sharing method in the case of MRAs. The new method was received favourably by NRA representatives. In view of the topic’s complexity, they were emphatic about the progress made by the TSOs. The workshop was also taken as an opportunity to introduce the newly established TSCNET Services GmbH and its services for TSOs’ control centres.


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Services company founded


TSC today announced the founding of TSCNET Services GmbH, a services company for the tailor-made coordination services for TSOs’ control centres. The new company is the future setup for the services performed by the experts at the TSC TSOs – Joint Office in Munich, Germany. The formation of the new firm is a part of a significant reorganisation to raise efficiency and to further improve performance.

The picture above shows representatives of TSC TSOs after the decision to found TSCNET Services was made. It was taken in autumn 2014 in Switzerland.

> Open TSC press release (pdf)

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