Go-live of 4M Market Coupling planned


The Steering Committee of the 4M Market Coupling (4M MC) Project announced that the day-ahead electricity markets of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania are expected to be coupled from the trading day 11 November 2014 (delivery day 12 November). The project parties will inform regularly about further progress.

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Timely development critical


ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity announced publicly that its experts consider the timely development of the transmission infrastructure to be critical to achieve the energy and climate policy objectives. The organisation presses for a review of the current market design to match the physical reality of the changing power system.

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TenneT presents results


Dutch-German electricity transmission operator and high-voltage grid operator TenneT has published its annual report. The results offer solid financial basis for execution of investment portfolio in the Netherlands and Germany: Investments in both countries are expected to total approx. EUR 16 billion over the coming decade.

> Open TenneT Annual Report (pdf)

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Polish-German Agreement


Transmission system operators PSE (Poland) and 50Hertz (Germany) signed an Agreement on the Operation of Phase Shifting Transformers (PST) in Warsaw, the Polish capital. PSE commited to install physical Phase Shifting Transformers (pPST) in the Mikułowa substation to strengthen system security. 50Hertz will install pPSTs in Vierraden substation.

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ENTSO-E Survey at disposal


The 2013 edition of the substantial ENTSO-E Survey on Ancillary Services Procurement and Balancing Market Design is available at no charge. The survey provides an great overview of the different electricity balancing market arrangements in place throughout Europe. It also supports the future implementation of the Network Code on Electricity Balancing (NC EB).

> See ENTSO-E Survey webpage

> Open 2013 Survey on Ancillary Services Procurement and Electricity Balancing Market Design (pdf)


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Report on Polish power system


Agora Energiewende, a German-based joint initiative of the Mercator Foundation and the European Climate Foundation has published its report on the power sector in Poland. The country profile provides an overview on structure, features and challenges. The report is accessible to everyone and shall “prepare the ground for thinking about potential cooperation”. The document may be downloaded for free.

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BESTGRID keeping current


The EU-funded BESTGRID project pools the forces of five TSOs (50Hertz, Elia, National Grid, TenneT and Terna), two environmental groups (BirdLife Europe and Germanwatch), one research institute (IIASA) and the Renewables-Grid-Initiative (RGI). Launched in April 2013, the project works towards modernising and expanding the European electricity grid for the integration of a growing share of renewable energies. Now the partners have published a newsletter to inform about the project’s progress.

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