Bird protection in Southern Germany


The Southwestern German TSO, TransnetBW today rolled out an additional initiative to step up efforts for the long-term protection of birds. Specially designed marking devices, some of them installed from a helicopter shall help to mitigate bird collisions. The measures had been developed in collaboration with biologists and ornithologists.

> Open TransnetBW press release (pdf, in German)

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Jointly flow-based


The so-called Flow-Based Market Coupling (FB MC) allows TSOs to allocate cross-border capacities and to maximise the markets’ efficiency without jeopardising grid stability. The CWE FB MC comprises the market coupling in the Central Western European (CWE) region, consisting of Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg and the Netherlands. The coupling processes use the Common System (CS) of the CWE TSOs and require an operator. Now the TSC TSOs – Joint Office in Munich, Germany has successfully taken over the role of the Common System Operator (CSO) for the four TSC TSOs in this region: Amprion, TenneT Germany, TenneT Netherlands and TransnetBW.

The project was led by David Dudoignon, Analyst Capacity Calculation at the Joint Office. In the run-up a secure virtual private network (VPN) connection to Amprion and Coreso had to be established and every TSC Agent had to pass a special training.


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RGI demands stable mandates


In an open letter to Jean-Claude Juncker, the President-elect of the European Commission the Renewables-Grid-Initiative (RGI) calls to secure a “sound and clear legislation for nature and climate protection” and to “streamline the procedures to properly develop the electricity grids throughout Europe”. The TSC members 50Hertz, Swissgrid and TenneT are three of the RGI partners.

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Full membership for MAVIR


Hungary’s TSO, MAVIR Hungarian Independent Transmission Operator Company Ltd. has now been granted full membership of the TSO Security Cooperation. MAVIR is the 13th TSC member and of high importance for the European grid stability, especially because of its strong linking with the south-eastern European countries.

> See TSC press release (pdf)


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A snapshot a day


TSC today announced the beginning of the trial phase of the Real Time Snapshot (RTSN) project: Once a day every Transmission System Operator (TSO) submits a snapshot showing its grid status and load-flow situation close to real time. The different snapshots get merged and are used to check forecast data of the operational planning processes against real-time data. In the future this should be done on an hourly basis. The RTSN models are also usefull for the TSC quality management. Swissgrid, the Swiss TSO is not only providing parts of its IT resources, but has participated in developing the process.

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Poster site in Paris


The biennial CIGRE Session in Paris, France is one of the world’s most important grid events. This year a group of experts from Coreso and several TSC TSOs presented a paper about “European TSOs’ cooperation for enhanced system security, integration of renewables and market support”. On 29 August they took also part in one of the so-called Poster Sessions (C2-113).

> See CIGRE Session website

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Having an European say


Since stakeholder interaction is one of the key components in much of ENTSO-E’s work, there are currently three open public consultations, for which stakeholders are asked to contribute. A triple chance to speak one’s piece.

> Public Consultation on the Annual Work Programme 2014-2015 (until 29 August)

> Public Consultation on Adequacy Methodology (until 19 September)

> Public Consultation on the Ten-Year Network Development Plan 2014 (until 20 September)


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