A snapshot a day


TSC today announced the beginning of the trial phase of the Real Time Snapshot (RTSN) project: Once a day every Transmission System Operator (TSO) submits a snapshot showing its grid status and load-flow situation close to real time. The different snapshots get merged and are used to check forecast data of the operational planning processes against real-time data. In the future this should be done on an hourly basis. The RTSN models are also usefull for the TSC quality management. Swissgrid, the Swiss TSO is not only providing parts of its IT resources, but has participated in developing the process.

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Poster site in Paris


The biennial CIGRE Session in Paris, France is one of the world’s most important grid events. This year a group of experts from Coreso and several TSC TSOs presented a paper about “European TSOs’ cooperation for enhanced system security, integration of renewables and market support”. On 29 August they took also part in one of the so-called Poster Sessions (C2-113).

> See CIGRE Session website

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Having an European say


Since stakeholder interaction is one of the key components in much of ENTSO-E’s work, there are currently three open public consultations, for which stakeholders are asked to contribute. A triple chance to speak one’s piece.

> Public Consultation on the Annual Work Programme 2014-2015 (until 29 August)

> Public Consultation on Adequacy Methodology (until 19 September)

> Public Consultation on the Ten-Year Network Development Plan 2014 (until 20 September)


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Juncker sets his sights on “Energy Union”


The European Parliament selected Jean-Claude Juncker as the new president of the European Commission, succeeding Jose Manuel Barroso. Juncker now declared that he wants to “reform and reorganise Europe’s energy policy in a new European Energy Union” with pooled resources and combined infrastructures. Moreover he wants “Europe’s Energy Union to become the world number one in renewable energies”.

> See Jean-Claude Juncker’s “Priorities”
> Open Jean-Claude Juncker’s “Political Guidelines” (pdf)

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Discussing the Adequacy Methodology


Today the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) launched a 9 week public online consultation for the supporting documents on Adequacy Methodology for further stakeholder assessment. Comments have to be submitted by using the ENTSO-E consultation platform. The consultation period will end on the 19th of September.

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ENTSO-E releases TYNDP 2014


The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) today released the new European Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) 2014. The document describes the plans to strengthen the European power grid until 2030 to integrate an increased share of renewable energy – 120 transmission projects are believed to provide more benefits to consumers and citizens than they cost. Now all stakeholders are asked to give feedback.

> See ENTSO-E TYNDP website
> Open TYNDP (pdf)

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