New transmission line in Slovenia


Slovenia’s TSO Eles issued a press release about connecting the new 2 x 400 kV double-circuit transmission line from Beričevo to Krško onto the grid. The new line is more than 80 kilometres long, uses 227 pylons and provides the transmission of electricity from multiple directions. It shall also contribute to further integration of the European market.

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Opening in Munich


TSC representatives meet with regulatory authorities and partner bodies in Munich, Germany, to inaugurate the very atmospheric Grand Opening of the TSC TSOs – Joint Office. The new Joint Office means a big step towards higher efficiency and better quality due to closer coordination and collaboration.

The photo shows (left to right) Ben Voorhorst (COO of TenneT), Alexander Wirth (TSC Operational Manager) and Rudolf Baumann (Chairman of the TSC Steering Committee) with a golden key at the opening ceremony.

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