BESTGRID keeping current


The EU-funded BESTGRID project pools the forces of five TSOs (50Hertz, Elia, National Grid, TenneT and Terna), two environmental groups (BirdLife Europe and Germanwatch), one research institute (IIASA) and the Renewables-Grid-Initiative (RGI). Launched in April 2013, the project works towards modernising and expanding the European electricity grid for the integration of a growing share of renewable energies. Now the partners have published a newsletter to inform about the project’s progress.

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ENTSO-E welcomes guidelines


ENTSO-E has published a response to the European Commission (EC) proposals for a review of the Community Guidelines on State Aid for Environmental Protection. The experts believe that the Guidelines would lead to increased legal certainty and contribute to the quality of public spending by streamlining state interventions.

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Collection of graphics


The web project of the Heinrich Böll Foundation about the “German Energy Transition” (“Energiewende”) offers a whole range of infographics detailing the transition’s most recent developments. Before long, these charts shall also be made available in Chinese, French, Polish, Russian and Spanish.

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E-world ready to be opened


The 14th E-world energy & water will be held in Essen, Germany from 11 to 13 February 2014. The top-rated fair with more than 600 exhibitors from around 25 nations will show innovative products and services in the electricity and gas industries. The E-world representatives expect more than 20,000 experts and decision takers.

In Session 2 A (“European Electricity Grid”) Dr. Dirk Biermann, Chief Markets & System Operations Officer from TSC TSO 50Hertz will give a presentation about “The challenges facing a German transmission network provider”.

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NWE markets coupled


Today the four Power Exchanges (APX, Belpex, EPEX SPOT and Nord Pool Spot) and 13 TSOs (50Hertz, Amprion, Creos, Elia,, Fingrid, National Grid, RTE, Statnett, Svenska Kraftnät, Tennet B.V. (Netherlands), Tennet GmbH (Germany) and TransnetBW) in the North-Western Europe (NWE) day-ahead price coupling project have successfully launched NWE Price Coupling. Now the whole region operates under a common day-ahead power price calculation using the Price Coupling of Regions (PCR) solution.

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Well-developed grid


The new annual Monitoring Report demonstrates that ENTSO-E makes headway on its research and development (R&D) activities. The report considers 38 R&D projects in all, funded either through the European Commission, member states or by TSOs directly.

Many of the R&D Roadmap 2013-2022 destinations and technical objectives have already been reached. “ENTSO-E remains optimistic that we will achieve the targets prescribed in R&D Roadmap 2013–2022,” states a ENTSO-E newsletter.

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Agreement on joint power reserve


The TSOs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia signed an agreement on the provision of joint power reserve in their control block at the headquarters of ELES, one of the TSC TSOs, based in Ljubljana. The transmission system operators now will draw on the available sources to satisfy the needs for activating the power reserve in the SHB block more optimally and efficiently.

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EU framework for 2030


The European Commission has presented the 2030 energy and climate goals for a competitive, secure and low-carbon EU economy during a press conference in Brussels, Belgium. The picture shows Connie Hedegaard, Commissioner for Climate Action at the presentation. There key elements of the 2030 policy framework set out by the Commission include a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, an EU-wide binding target for renewable energy of at least 27% and a set of new indicators to ensure a competitive and secure energy system.

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