Swissgrid presents ten-year plan


The Swiss transmission system operator (TSO), Swissgrid, presented the «Strategic Grid 2025» report today. The document describes the TSO’s strategic plans and shows that fewer lines must be converted, expanded or built than originally planned in earlier grid planning. Swissgrid launched a comprehensive microsite to inform about the plans to ensure security of supply and to prepare the grid for the future of energy.

> Open Swissgrid press release (pdf, 524kb)

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Lively TSCNET Forum


The two-day TSCNET Forum in Neufahrn near Munich, Germany, with just under 30 attendees from the thirteen TSC member TSOs and TSCNET ended this afternoon. The event was organised by TSCNET and was aimed to enhance understanding and promote the cooperation between TSC’s services company and the users. The participants learned about TSC’s reorganisation and informed themselves about the MLTOP project to optimise outage planning. Besides, they were invited to a so-called world café with workshops on TSC services and CTDS (“Common Tool for Data acquisition and Security assessment”), followed by a panel discussion with five experts and a conversant moderator.

On day two, the group worked through the “TSC exhibition” with three open information booths about “Service Operation” (data quality management at TSCNET, reporting and customer communication), “Service Development” (development of tools and services, integration of capacity calculation, live demonstration of new CTDS release) and “TSC Training” (training framework, training modules, participation selection guide).

One of the Forum’s additional highlights had definitely been the one-hour wake-up session with the “Gladiatores” from Munich, a school for historical European martial arts. Two masterful sword fighters did not only demonstrate their skills, but also teached the participants to use a (blunt) longsword for some impressive techniques of medieval duelling and self-defence. In general, a tough and inspiring event beyond usual training!


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World’s largest offshore grid connection


The Dutch-German transmission system operator (TSO) TenneT took SylWin1 into operation. SylWin1 is the world’s most powerful grid connection with a capacity of 864MW. The now-operational link around 70km west of the island of Sylt in the German North Sea connects three offshore wind facilities (“Butendiek”, “DanTysk” and “Sandbank”) with a generation capacity of 288MW each.

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ČEPS gets drilled


Today, a supervised fire fighting exercise was held in the premises of the Czech transmission system operator (TSO), ČEPS, in Prague, Czech Republic. The fire drill helped to verify dispatcher management from the backup operating centre and to test the efficiency of firefighting measures. It was carried out in collaboration with emergency service units, such as the Czech fire rescue service and the police. Safety first.

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French-Spanish HVDC link


Last week, the German electrical engineering and electronics company Siemens put the converter stations of the high voltage direct current (HVDC) link between France and Spain into operation.The project is led by Interconnexion Electrique France Espagne (Inelfe), a project joint venture between the transmission system operators (TSOs) Réseau de Transport d’Electricité (RTE), France, and Red Eléctrica de Espana (REE), Spain.

The new 320kv link between Baixas west of Perpignan, France, and Santa Llogaia, southwest of Figueras, Spain, can transmit a rated power of 2,000 megawatts in both directions and will double the energy exchange capacity between the two countries.

> Open Siemens press release (pdf, 49.2 kb)

Graphic using a press picture of Siemens AG, Munich/Berlin, Germany.


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Polish-Lithuanian MoU


Together with the national Power Exchanges, the Polish transmission system operator (TSO), TSC member PSE S.A, and its Lithuanian counterpart, Litgrid AB, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to agree on common power trading principles. The four partners are preparing all the detailed arrangements needed for the planned go-live in this year’s fourth quarter.

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Register for EPCC in Bled


The Slovenian transmission system operator (TSO) ELES hosts the 13th international workshop on Electric Power Control Centres (EPCC) on 17-20 May, 2015, in Bled, one of the most picturesque and popular destinations in Slovenia. Next to the latest control centre technologies, the workshops will cover a whole raft of technical topics such as cybersecurity, micro grids, and super grids. Registration is open now.

> Open ELES communication (html)

> Open EPCC registration form (pdf, 925 kb)

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Extended power exchange


The Dutch-German transmission system operator and TSC member TenneT concentrates its interests in the APX power exchange (70.8%) and EPEX SPOT (9% via HGRT holding) into EPEX SPOT to create a power exchange for the entire Central Western Europe (CWE) region and the United Kingdom. This agreement was reached between the shareholders of both exchanges (next to TenneT, the Belgian TSO Elia, and the French TSO RTE).

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Grid extended to Turkey


Yesterday, ENTSO-E’s continental Europe grid extended to Turkey. By this, one of the world’s largest AC synchronous grids growed by 75 million consumers. Senior figures from EU institutions, the Turkish government, ENTSO-E and TEIAS, the Turkish transmission system operator (TSO), attended a ceremony at ENTSO-E in Brussels, Belgium. It is the first contract of that kind on energy between a European organisation and Turkey. Merhaba!

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Largest PCP market


Transmission system operators (TSOs) need primary control power (PCP) to compensate an imbalance between generation and consumption automatically within a few seconds. It gets provided by power plants. Now the TSOs of Austria (APG), Germany (50Hertz, Amprion, TenneT Germany, TransnetBW), the Netherlands (Tennet Netherlands), and Switzerland (Swissgrid) have opened Europe’s largest consistent market for PCP with a total of 783 megawatts. This measure is supposed to cut costs and to increase security of supply.

> See APG press release (html, in German)

> See TransnetBW press release (html, in German)

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