Amprion: Transformation everywhere


On 24 June, the German transmission system operator (TSO) Amprion presented its Annual Report 2019, due to the corona pandemic, this time as live stream instead of a press conference. The TSCNET shareholder not only reported on its financial figures and innovative concepts – such as Eurobar for offshore integration – but also announced investments of €15bn for achieving the company’s ambitious goals. To this end, Amprion intends to become active on the capital market.

The financial background for the demanding investment plans is excellent: In 2019, TSO was able to increase its revenue by a good four percent to €14.4bn and its net profit by over eight percent to €220m. “We plan to invest €15bn over the next ten years. That means the volume will triple,” stated Amprion’s CFO Peter Rüth during the presentation livestream. As far as capital market activities are concerned, Rüth expects to issue the first bonds in the middle to end of 2021. However, as Dr Hans-Jürgen Brick, CEO of Amprion, explains, the success of the plans also depends on the regulatory environment and the level of remuneration for grid operation.

Amprion recognises its specific responsibility to ensure a climate friendly, secure, and efficient energy system. The TSO’s innovation and infrastructure projects are a contribution to the sustainable transformation of the European energy landscape while maintaining security of supply. In connection with the presentation of the report, Amprion also introduced its new brand identity and new brand claim: “Amprion connects” (“Amprion verbindet” in German). The claim represents the changed self-perception: “We are paving the way for a climate-compatible energy system – and combine this with our responsibility for a stable and secure grid,” comments Dr Brick.

Amprion has presented its Annual Report 2019 and announced investments of €15bn over the next ten years (picture: Amprion)

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