Amprion presents A-Nord routings


From 2025 onwards, the DC connection A-Nord is destined to transport wind energy from the northwest of Germany to the consumption centres in the west and south of the country. The project is to be realised for the most part by means of underground cables. With a total length of 300 kilometres, A-Nord will have the capacity to transfer 2GW of electrical power. This corresponds to the needs of about two million people. A-Nord is carried out by TSC member Amprion, one of the four German transmission system operators (TSOs). Together with Ultranet, a joint project with further TSC member TransnetBW, A-Nord forms the so-called Korridor A, a key route of the German energy transition.

Last winter, Amprion performed a detailed environmental analysis involving meetings with public authorities, regional planning authorities or agricultural, forestry, and nature conservation associations. Taking all the results into account, the TSO now has publicly presented the suggestions for possible line routings and enters into the phase of intensive dialogue with the affected public.

“Our goal is to get a lot of valuable information that will allow us to further refine and optimise our planning,” explains Klaus Wewering, Amprion’s project manager. The TSO will incorporate all of the newly acquired data into possible alternative route corridors and intends to apply in March 2018 for Federal Sectoral Planning at the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur), the competent German authority in terms of grid management and grid extension.

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Picture based on mapping and photo by Amprion / Frank Peterschröder


Amprion presents A-Nord routings