ACER defines System Operation Regions


To promote the implementation of the EU Regulation on the internal electricity market (2019/943), which is part of the “Clean Energy Package for all Europeans”, the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) has just published an important decision. A significant part of the EU Regulation 2019/943 is Article 36 on the “Geographical scope of Regional Coordination Centres (RCCs)” and this is the very subject of the recent ACER decision, that defines this “geographical scope” – the so-called System Operation Regions (SORs).

Regulation 2019/943 calls for a higher level of coordination between transmission system operators (TSOs) at regional level. This is to be achieved by further developing Regional Security Coordinators (RSCs) such as TSCNET Services into RCCs. The ACER definition of the SORs is the first step towards establishing the RCCs. The tasks of the RCCs are defined in Article 37 of the EU Regulation. Like RSCs, they are to identify and assess potential risks in support of the respective TSO in their area of responsibility. However, while RSCs leave the responsibility for implementing these recommendations to the TSOs, Article 37 provides for future RCCs to act more autonomously in terms of risk prevention.

Acer stresses that, despite some changes, it has broadly agreed to the proposal for the definition of SORs made by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) on behalf of the TSOs, which in particular takes into account the synchronous areas in the meshed European grid. The next step will be taken by the TSOs of each SOR, which are invited to submit a proposal on the establishment of RCCs to the relevant national regulatory authority (NRA) by 5 July.

ACER has published its decision on the configuration of the future SORs (picture showing ACER Director Christian Zinglersen at the Bonn Climate Change Conference (IISD))

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