ACER consultations on CCRs, CSAM and RAOCM


Two public consultations have recently been launched by the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER), both on proposals from transmission system operators (TSOs) affecting core operational areas of the TSO business. National regulatory authorities (NRAs) have delegated the decision on both proposals to ACER, which requests comments from interested stakeholders for a sound assessment.

In December 2018, the relevant TSOs submitted their suggestions on the methodologies for the Coordination of Operational Safety Analysis (CSAM) and for the Coordination of Relevant Power Outages (RAOCM) in electricity. The first ACER consultation refers to these proposals. It is open for all interested stakeholders until 18 February.

The background of the second consultation is the concern of NRAs to adopt some TSO proposals for amendments to the determination of capacity calculation regions (CCRs). Now ACER wants to gather views and information from stakeholders that relate to the latest ACER modifications to the second TSO proposal for amendments of the CCR determination. This consultation is open until 17 February.

ACER, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, has launched two public consultations on the determination of CCRs and on the methodologies for CSAM and for RAOCM