About TSCNET Services

TSCNET Services GmbH is TSC’s service company. It develops new cooperation tools for control centres and provides integrated services for them – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We use our knowledge and deep understanding of TSOs’ operational processes to identify additional potential for optimisation systematically and to establish valid and reliable service performance measures. We want to make sure that what we are offering each other matches up with what TSOs need.

We seek ongoing feedback from our partners to ensure that we are continuously improving and are always meeting the requirements to ensure not just the safety of supply, but also maximum efficiency.

How it all started
In 2013 the TSC TSOs had opened a jointly used, permanently manned office in Munich, Germany: the TSC TSOs – Joint Office. In November 2014 the Joint Office was transferred to TSCNET Services GmbH.

TSCNET Services is based in Munich, the capital and the largest city of Bavaria, Germany.

Our services ensure keeping a high level of overall system security in the European electricity grid.

Our services are provided by highly trained and experienced professionals, often coming from TSC TSOs.

Organisational structure

TSC supports its members in providing competitive and reliable services by TSCNET Services. It is a strong federation with an efficient structure and a streamlined decision-making processes.

After the reorganisation in autumn 2014 there are two governing bodies: the Cooperation Board (responsible for strategy, budget and extension of the cooperation) and the Operational Board (business processes and services).

The Operational Board organises its work by appointing specific projects to task forces and is able to make use of a large network of experts upon request.

TSCNET Services GmbH is a joint venture to bundle our services efficiently for members and partners. The company is under control of the Shareholders’ Meeting (chaired by Zdeslav Čerina, member of the Management Board of HOPS) and the Supervisory Board (chaired by Dr. Rainer Pflaum, member of the Executive Board of TransnetBW).