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“Under construction” – new IT Architect


“Architecture is a frame of mind, it’s about ideas; the profession is about how to translate those ideas into the real world,” says one of the most interesting definitions of  architecture, provided by the US-American composer and architect Christopher Janney. This description makes it easy to find a close relation between the art of constructing buildings and the role of our new coworker Jakub Furička, who recently took up the post of the IT Architect in TSCNET’s Team IT Services and Development. As in the world of brick and mortar construction, the architect in the information technology has to have the idea and the knowledge to see how all of the various pieces ought to fit together in the system bridging the gap between bits and the human world.

Jakub comes from Czechia. For nine years he had been building his professional experience in the field of software development by working for projects run by government, banks or insurance companies. But in his eyes, size matters. “The energy industry with its huge software projects and the challenge of sheer magnitude always fascinated me,” explains Jakub.

2010, he fulfilled his desire and started to work on his first software project for the energy industry at Unicorn Systems, one of the long-term partners of TSCNET. The project that he worked for until 2013 was later renamed to “AMICA” – and is best-known by our customers as our “advanced multisite integral congestion assessment module”. For Jakub it was a new dimension of fascination: He says he discovered the “beauty in software architecture”. Now he has to deal with “AMICA” again. Touch wood that working with us will add some concrete bricks to Jakub’s career, and that he will spot some more architectural beauty!


“Under construction” – new IT Architect