December 2016
Emanuel Kofler, Project Management Officer

“For 365 days now I can call myself part of the TSCNET Services family. What does that mean to me and how do I feel after this time? Within this year, I came to a real understanding of the wider extent of the TSO business and have learned the ropes of the transmission grid. On the other hand, I also had the chance to contribute on various levels. We’ve implemented project management standards and processes, and I helped to run and finalise several projects.

In the today’s demanding business environment and society, one is being pulled and pushed in different directions. That is why it is crucial to take some time out to step back and to have a look at the greater picture. We do not learn from experience – we learn from reflecting on experience.

Like an artful mosaic, TSCNET forms one entity and a real team made up of individuals, each with a set of unique characteristics. The TSCNET family is a very diverse family that brings together various cultures, backgrounds and mind-sets. It is exactly this diversity that adds great value to the team. The open-mindedness and the respectfulness of the people enables our team to see things from different perspectives and to strike a new path to the goal. The professional working environment and our open management culture fuel this approach.

As life is not a bowl full of cherries, there is always good and bad stuff. But it’s the difference between good and bad that keeps us moving and developing. Especially as a young company, TSCNET has some areas of improvement. I treasure our will to tackle those areas and to constantly go for the gold. I am looking forward to building the future here.”

August 2016
Jan van Schuylenburg, Operator

“TSCNET’s team Operations offers a great variety of skills, cultures and perspectives with colleagues from eight different countries. For me, it is a really nice opportunity to gain work experience abroad and to live in the wonderful city of Munich close to the Alps.”

April 2016
Daan Belgers, Head of Finance & Organisation

“Looking back at the last couple of years, I confess to being proud. Based on a trusted relationship with and support of our partner transmission system operators (TSOs), we managed to centralise critical services important for all TSC TSOs in order to ensure safety of supply. And yes, establishment is a challenge, but there is no challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve.

In 2016, ‘operational excellence’ will be a central topic for TSC and TSCNET. TSCNET strives for operational excellence in order to deliver the highest quality services. High quality means that the delivered services really fulfil the needs of the customers (TSOs) and support their activities with faultless availability and reliable results. Important topics in this respect will be data quality assessment, automation and process harmonisation, IT risk management, and further strengthening an efficient partnership with all the TSOs and Regional Security Coordination Initiatives (RSCIs).

For my work at TSCNET responsibilities have grown with the founding of our company as a German legal entity. Whereas 2015 was a year of establishment, 2016 will be dedicated to stabilisation and incremental quality improvement. The financial and administrative back-bone of the company will need to grow in terms of stability and efficiency. Other important factors are the recruitment of the right people, development of employees, and the creation of an environment that supports and enables excellence. In the first half of 2016, we will extend our Munich premises, offering a more professional and flexible office and conference environment. This includes an upgrade of the operations facilities (Operator Room) to raise the quality of operational services to the next level.

In short, lots of challenges I am looking forward to. With the support of our shareholders, customers and other stakeholders and with the energy of our team in Munich, I am sure we will succeed.”

February 2016
Alexander Wirth, former Managing Director (until July 2016)

“In the beginning, my motivation at TSCNET was mainly the unique opportunity to set up a new company from its start, shape its team, its organisation and services in a truly international and challenging environment. My father and my grandfather also used to work in this business and they raised my interest in this sector since I was a child. Now my personal goal is to develop TSCNET into a top-class, reliable and efficient service provider for TSOs in the next few years, together with Siem. This also means a trustworthy and highly responsive coordination between TSOs. My role is to create a stable and solid organisation and administration, including a highly reliable IT-infrastructure, as one of the cornerstones of TSCNET’s future performance.

We aim at operationalising the new organisation and establishing a trustful relationship between TSCNET and its customers. Furthermore, I aspire to create an inspiring environment for the employees working at TSCNET. One of my personal maxims may help: Be focused and make it possible!”