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MRA tool introduced


TSCNET Services has developed an easy-to-handle tool to facilitate the cost-sharing process of so-called Multilateral Remedial Actions (MRAs). The first version of the subtle MRA tool (MRAT) has been launched successfully, with Martin Mach in charge, one of the Data Quality Managers at Team Operations. The second phase of the MRAT project has already been kicked off and will bring more enhancements of the tool.

As more and more energy from renewable sources has to be transmitted, Europe’s transmission system operators (TSOs) often have a hard time ensure the overall system security and managing congestions. Sometimes it is necessary to take so-called Multilateral Remedial Actions (MRAs) with more than two TSOs involved. These complex MRAs are indispensable to resolve security violations, but they often entail high costs. A special scheme based on a rather complicated mathematical algorithm is used to distribute the share of costs following the single tie-line decomposition (STD) mechanism.


MRA tool introduced