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Inspired by “Science of Control” – new IT Application Manager


A strength of working together as a team is that each team member brings with them different knowledge, strengths and ideas. Tetiana Voloshyna has been hired as IT Application Manager within TSCNET’s IT Services and Development team. Amongst other skills, she adds a master’s degree and doctoral studies in: Economic Cybernetics. Sounds interesting – but what does that do for power transmission grid security? A whole lot! If you ask Wikipedia, cybernetics is “a transdisciplinary approach for exploring regulatory systems” and is used as a term to imply “control of any system using technology”. Plus doing that economically, meaning: using little money, time, etc. Bull’s eye! That’s exactly how one could describe what our customers and we at TSCNET Services are working for.

Tetiana was born and raised in Ukraine, and has built her career on working as a system analyst in a bank project, implementing a Teradata Data Warehouse appliance as a database analyst, and performing analytical and architectural IT duties in energy projects in Ukraine and the Netherlands in the past two years. “I am highly confident that the combination of Tetiana’s strong IT background with business knowledge will bring added value to our company and our customers,” says Cristian Bordeanu, Head of the IT Services and Development team.

Tetiana herself is enthusiastic about her new role which opens the door to different projects for the energy system in all of continental Europe. “I consider this position another step in my chain of roles carrying more and more responsibility”, she says. “I am very passionate about the work I do and I want to be really proud of the results,” Tetiana adds. The “Science of Control” paves the way greatly.


Inspired by “Science of Control” – new IT Application Manager