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Staying in the loop – Marlene Petz going back


Due to a study of the Workforce Institute at Kronos, a multi-national workforce management software and services company, 40 percent of employees said they would consider going back to a company where they previously worked as a so-called boomerang employee. Usually, employers cannot stand it when someone leaves the organisation and rejoins the one they once left. With Marlene Petz who has left TSCNET Services at the end of July, it’s different: She boomerangs on purpose for the good of all, as one might say.

Marlene already was a part of our team, when we established TSCNET’s predecessor “TSC TSOs – Joint Office” in Munich in early summer 2013. She had been coming from TSC member APG, the Austrian transmission system operator (TSO). Starting as a Junior Analyst, she supported several TSC working groups and helped us getting our office up and running. “In this role, I gained lots of knowledge of TSOs’ processes and grid knowledge,” says Austrian-born Marlene. Growing in her career, she became Data Quality Manager within our Operations Team. In this function, she had the chance to focus more on process details. She attended to the management of Multilateral Remedial Actions (MRAs) and helped shaping our new MRA cost share calculation tool. In addition, she developed a business intelligence solution for internal reporting and provided support for our IT Team when introducing the CGMES format (Common Grid Model Exchange Standard) within TSC.

After more than four years in Germany, Marlene now returns to Vienna, Austria, and starts working for APG again – with a rich treasure of experience gathered by working with TSOs and electrical engineers from all over Europe. “In my new position, I will tackle the upcoming challenging tasks of system adequacy combined with research and development activities within APG’s Energy Management department,” explains Marlene. The boomerang is making a comeback, providing new insights, connections, and points-of-view – both one of the core components of TSCNET’s human resource policies and one of the secrets to our success. Thanks for everything, Marlene, and best of luck back at APG!


Staying in the loop – Marlene Petz going back