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Big data’s power – welcome, Daniel!


Part of starting a new job is becoming acquainted with fellow workers and customers. At TSCNET Services, we help new hires in assimilating successfully and in getting connected. It gets much easier, if the new staff member takes the initiative and introduces himself.

This is what Daniel Álvaro Morilla, the new Business Analyst in our Business Development team, will do now. Here we go: “I am a 27-year-old power system engineer from Málaga, located in Andalusia in southern Spain,” says Daniel. “I started my career working as a consultant in power grid related projects, which was exactly what I was looking for after graduating. However, one day I received an offer from a consulting firm based in Madrid specialising in business intelligence, analytics, and big data. At that time, this was – and still is – one of hottest and most interesting topics for engineers, so I didn’t have to think twice. Sure enough, it turned out to be a very exciting job , and I’ve learned a lot of skills and had the chance to meet excellent professionals whith different approaches of handling projects.”

While it was a great experience for Daniel to work in this field for well-known companies, there was no connection to the energy industry. So what? “When I was a student,” explains Daniel, “I always wanted to work for REE, the Spanish transmission system operator. The energy sector was always in the back of my head – for sure, sooner or later I would return to it!” Then a friend of him told him about the opening business analyst position at TSCNET. “This was the perfect opportunity to get back into the power field while leveraging my experience across other sectors. What’s even better than working for your national TSO? Working for many TSOs around your continent!”

Daniel is geared up to bring fresh ideas and an outside perspective to the TSCNET Services. “The onboarding at TSCNET has been great so far, everyone has been extremely welcoming and I really enjoy the open office culture and the focus they have on personal development of their staff – it is something you just won’t find in most places.” Big Data is all the buzz these days, but in the end, it’s all about people.


Big data’s power – welcome, Daniel!