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Best of both worlds – two new operators


Every company or institution has its specific culture, processes or methodologies, and TSCNET Services is no exception to the rule. In this regard, the staffing of highly specialised positions with internal applicants has many advantages. On the downside, an external specialist’s view might open up new perspectives on our own business. That is why TSCNET Services decided to benefit from the best of both worlds. Early this year, we opened Operator positions to external applicants for the first time.

Now TSCNET is pleased to welcome two new Operators, who are completing our team in Munich since the beginning of July: Daniel Kuric, coming from the Croatian member TSO HOPS, and external Operator Miguel Santos from Portugal. With Miguel (on the right of the picture), the broadening of our search for dedicated professionals has already paid off. Daniel and Miguel fit perfectly into the multinational spirit of TSCNET and their fresh, outside perspective is definitely an added value to our team!

Both of our new colleagues decided to apply for a position in our Team Operations due to the excellent career opportunities TSCNET is offering as an international company with clear perspectives. When arriving in our office in Munich, Daniel and Miguel immediately experienced the special work atmosphere at TSCNET Services and the “international team work vision”, as Miguel puts it. Also Daniel appreciates the “stimulating multicultural environment”.

Apart from taking up the same position and responsibilities within TSCNET, Daniel and Miguel both share a great interest in the broader perspectives of the power engineering coordination process. And for both of them, joining our team means to test and expand their respective professional experience and knowledge on an international level. “My main motivation was to learn about and to understand the complex system behind the simple fact of having electricity in our homes”, says Miguel. The joint learning is already progressing at full speed: “The synergy of both business and team processes is a perfect proof of how efficient processing can be, when everybody strives for the same goal,” describes Daniel. May their new role at TSCNET provide all the answers and experiences they are looking for!


Best of both worlds – two new operators