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Ambitious accession for Team Operations


TSCNET aspires to provide the best-in-class services for customers. For that purpose, we share knowledge, views, and values with them. It’s not that difficult, as many of our employees come from our customers. The most recent example is Jan Korinek, the new member of our Team Operations, coming from TSC member ČEPS, the Czech transmission system operator (TSO.)

Jan started at ČEPS after completing his studies at the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague. Working as a trade dispatcher and, later, an emergency dispatcher, he was supporting the team responsible for maintaining and upgrading 41 substations with 71 transformers to connect the high-voltage transmission system to the lower-voltage distribution system.

As a TSCNET Operator, Jan faces new challenges. What he likes the most about his new job, is the internationality with the chance to learn new things and meet new people. “I can work with new technologies, share various experiences, and help to improve the efficiency of energy system in the whole of Europe,” says Jan. He sets his sights high, but that should dovetail with the company goals.



Ambitious accession for Team Operations