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A fresh perspective – TSCNET welcomes new Office Assistant


At some point in almost any profession, everyone has to answer that age-old question: “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” Of course, it helps when the answer comes easily, based on a clear picture of our career path. But sometimes it may be even more helpful if the question triggers a strong look inward and makes us reflect on where we want to go. This is the exact moment when we can decide to take the plunge into a new experience.

Danijela Trogrlic, TSCNET’s new Office Assistant, is a prime example of how to draw on a variety of experiences to take on a new task. Born in Croatia, she completed her professional training as a hotel and tourism technician and also studied German and Italian language and literature. Both experiences, possibly unrelated at first glance, proved to be essential to her career as a Guest Service Assistant and Manager on Duty in the hotel industry in Croatia and Germany, where intercultural understanding and excellent customer service are needed on a daily basis. Danijela’s ability to combine different experiences and perspectives was spotted by Daan Belgers, Head of Finance & Organisation. “It’s great to have Danijela on board – I am confident that she will perceptibly increase the level of customer-oriented assistance at our office,” he says.

“Choosing TSCNET was the right decision, as I was searching for new challenges and a possibility to gain new skills,” says Danijela after her first week on the job. “Surrounded by colleagues from all over Europe, I am looking forward to learn from each and every one of them.” Danijela will be integrated into the team over the next few weeks, so she can take over the responsibilities of our colleague Maron Gebeyehu, leaving at the end of March. No doubt her diverse background will help her rise to the occasion. Welcome to the team!


A fresh perspective – TSCNET welcomes new Office Assistant